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Amours nous traite honnestement/ Je n'en voist ... - 4vv


Name Antoine Busnoys (c. 1430-1492)
Standardized title Amours nous traite honnestement/ Je n'en voist a verrt bois
Scoring summary 4vv
Title on source Amors nous traute honnestement / Je men vois a vert vois
RISM ID No. 1000000661

Canonic Technique(s)

Type interval canon: 2 ex 1
Imitation interval 4th below
Temporal offset 1 breve(s) in ¢

Library information

Library siglum F-PN fonds français 15123


Work number 147.1.1
Voice/instrument Tenor
General note The voice a fourth lower is written out on f.171 and also labelled "Tenor". The interval of imitation is extended by a semibreve at the second rest.
PAE Code


Total scoring Vocal parts - 2 in 1: T1, T2; D, Ct (4)

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Parts held Vocal parts
Extent (parts) f.170v-171

Index terms

Subject heading Rondeau
Language of text French

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Parent record 1000000069 Pixérécourt Chansonnier