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Modena A, ModA


Standardized title Modena A, ModA
Title on source Liber continens hymnos
RISM ID No. 1000000021

Library information

Library siglum I-MOe MS {alpha}.M.5.24
Other shelfmark lat. 568

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, Printing and Production Information Bologna?, c.1410
Format, extent choirbook, 55ff, covers and boards
Other physical details parchment
Dimensions 278 x 200 mm
Name Mattheus de Perugia (fl. 1400-1416) [Copyist] [Doubtful]
Giacomo da Padova [Illustrator] [Alleged]
Master of 1411 (fl.c.1404-1411) [Illustrator] [Ascertained]
General note The work of two scribes in Gatherings 1 and V and Gatherings II-IV respectively. Gatherings II-III only were modestly illuminated. Gatherings I and V may be slightly later.


Bibliographic reference Günther 1970
RISM Series B/IV, 950

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Language of text lat

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