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Missa pro vigiliis ac feriis: Benedictus - 3vv


Name Agostini, Paolo (1583-1629)
Standardized title Missa pro vigiliis ac feriis: Benedictus
Scoring summary 3vv
Title on source Benedictus
RISM ID No. 1000002215

Canonic Technique(s)

Type invertible canon: 3 ex 1
Imitation interval 8ve and 4th above
Temporal offset 1, 2 breve(s) in c/


Work number 1.3.1
Rubric Canon à 3. Questo Benedictus à 3. il Tenore fa Canon con l'Alto & soprano, & have[n]do auto riguardo alla contrappunto alla 12, il Soprano tacere & si potrà cantare in Basso 12. più basse. Laus Deo
Text incipit Benedictus qui venit
PAE Code


Total scoring Vocal parts - 3 in 1, unlabelled voices (3)

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1627
Parts held Vocal parts, [S], [A], [T], [B]; 2 solutions using either [S], [B]
Extent (parts) p.5

Further information

General note Two solutions: 1 (not notated): U8/U4 (T-C-A); Breve: 1/2. 2 (not notated): replace cantus with basses at 12th below, L5/U4 (T-B-A); Breve: 1/2.

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Related Titles

Parent record 1000002167 Agostini, Paolo: Spartitura delle messe del primo libro - 4vv and 5vv with basso continuo