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Ista est speciosa inter filias Jerusalem - 5vv


Name Antonius Divitis (1470-1530)
Standardized title Ista est speciosa inter filias Jerusalem
Scoring summary 5vv
Title on source Ista est speciosa inter filias hierusalem
Work Antonius Divitis: Ista est speciosa inter filias Jerusalem ; 4vv
RISM ID No. 1000002164

Canonic Technique(s)

Type interval canon: 4 ex 1
Imitation interval 8ve and 4th above
Temporal offset 2 breve(s) in c/


Work number 9.1.1
Rubric Canon. T/S Duo tempora pausabis / B/Q Dyapanyzando per dyapente
Voice/instrument [T]
General note f.14v
PAE Code


Total scoring Vocal parts - 4 ex 1: [S],[T],[Q],[B]; [A] (5)

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1520
Parts held Vocal parts - [A], [T]
Extent (parts) f.14v-15r

Further information

General note Comites enter at the octave above, fourth above and fifth below at multiples of two breve rests. A free A voice.


Bibliographic reference Antico 1520 ed Thomas , 24-25

Index terms

Subject heading Motet
Language of text lat

Related Titles

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