Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Puisque vous estez campieur - Rondeau; Rondeau; 3vv, 2 in 1 (C and T @8ve) with Ct


Name Guillaume Du Fay (1397-1474)
Standardized title Puisque vous estez campieur
Subheading Rondeau
Scoring summary 3vv, 2 in 1 (C and T @8ve) with Ct
Arrangement statement Rondeau
Title on source NA
RISM ID No. 1000001387

Canonic Technique(s)

Type interval canon: 2 ex 1
Imitation interval 8ve Above
Temporal offset 2 tempora in NA

Library information

Library siglum F-Dm MS 517


Work number 1.82.1..x.x
Title of movement, tempo NA
Rubric Tempora bine sile, dyapason postea scande

Material description

Further information

General note NA

Index terms

Language of text French

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Parent record 1000000194 NA