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Virgo salutiferi genetrix: tertia pars - 5vv


Name Josquin Desprez (c1450-1521)
Standardized title Virgo salutiferi genetrix: tertia pars
Scoring summary 5vv
Title on source Nunc caeli regina tuis pro gentibus
Work Josquin Desprez: Virgo salutiferi genitrix intacta; 5vv
RISM ID No. 1000001015

Canonic Technique(s)

Type interval canon: 2 ex 1
Imitation interval 8ve Above
Temporal offset 1 breve(s) in C

Library information

Library siglum I-Fl MS Acquisti e doni 666


Work number 42.3.1


Total scoring Vocal parts - 2 in 1: S, T1; A, T2, B (5)

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Format, extent parts, f.112v-116

Further information

General note The text by Strozzi of Ferrara (c.1471-1508) was dedicated to Lucrezia Borgia, published in 1513 by Aldus Manutius in Strozzi Poetae pater et filius. The poem is dedicated "Ad gloriosam virginem". The canon uses the melody of Ave Maria, gratia plena (LU 1679)


Bibliographic reference Lowinsky 1968 Medici , 1: 171-174 (notes) 2: 207-214 (edition)
Fallows 2009 Josquin , 249–251

Index terms

Subject heading Motet
Language of text Latin

Related Titles

Parent record 1000000128 Medici Codex