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Dominicus Vala


Name Dominicus Vala (fl. c1430-1440)
Standardized title Credo (Patrem)
Subheading Ordinary of the Mass
Scoring summary 3vv, 2 in 1 (Tenorista [=Ct] and T @5th) with C
Arrangement statement Ordinary setting
Title on source NA
RISM ID No. 1000000455

Canonic Technique(s)

Type proportional canon: 2 to 1
Imitation interval 5th Below
Temporal offset 8 breve(s) in c

Library information

Library siglum I-Bu MS 2216


Work number 1.20.1..x.x
Title of movement, tempo NA
Rubric Canon: ... <incipiendo> tenorem et crescendo regatur concordans tenoris cito formatus sub diapente ad purum examen flexu deponitus amen et principium dantes sint absque tenore meantes cum quod prosequitur tenor a capite exoriatur.

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General note NA

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Language of text Latin

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